On-Metal temperature sensing and monitoring RFID tag

On Metal Temeperature & Humidity Sensing RFID Tag

On-metal temperature and humidity sensing RAIN(UHF) tag

SIVA's Sense-T MOM 8238-s is a passive(battery-free) temperature and moisture sensing UHF label, designed for application on metal surfaces for detecting water intrusion in automotive, aircraft and other semi-enclosed spaces.

The Sense-T MOM 8238-S can also monitor temperature on metal chassis and chases.

The Sense-T MOM 8238-S uses the Magnus®S3 chip from Axzon along with a finely tuned RF antenna which harvests energy for the sensing function and to communicate with a compliant reader.

Offering read range of up to 6m (2W ERP), the label is also complemented with a high-performance adhesive for application on metal surfaces and withstand varied operational conditions.

Available in FCC and EU frequency ranges. 82 x 38mm dimensions, supplied in rolls of 500 pcs on a 3” core ID


  • Automotive leaks
  • Moisture intrusion monitor
  • On-chassis temperature sensor


  • Customer specific encoding of EPC
  • Printing of logos, text, numbers, barcodes etc.