Dual-Frequency RFID Hard Tag for non-metal surfaces

Dual Frequency RFID Tags

Dual-frequency RFID & NFC Hard Tag for Non-Metallic Surfaces

Rhino HT 10534 Duo-Fre is a dual frequency (RAIN and NFC) hard tag encapsulated in an ABS casing with capabilities to withstand harsh weather conditions and treatment. These tags can either be glued to or mechanically fixed onto an asset. They are reliable in identifying and locating an asset and tuned for non-metal surfaces, offering good read range performance.

This tag is ideal for applications that require an extra strong tag to be read by different people in a supply chain where some may not have a UHF/RAIN reader and can then instead tap their NFC phone onto the tag to read it. These tags carry an EM4425 IC that has the dual functionalities integrated in a single chip, offered with customer specific encoding of RFID UHF transponders and HF and UHF tag memory write. On-demand engraving of the tag with text, logos, QR codes and barcodes is also available.


  • Waste Management Bins
  • Returnable Transport Items (RTI’s)
  • Supply Chain & Logistics