SIVA Racer - Durable RAIN(UHF) Foam Tag

RFID Foam Tag featuring a slim foam

RAIN(UHF) Foam Tag with reduced foam thickness and good performance

SIVA’s Racer is a foam backed RFID ready-to-apply tag on race timing bibs with a reduced foam thickness of 1.6mm as against standard foam tags available in the market featuring a 3mm/4mm foam spacer. We ensure that the tags performance is at par with the standard race timing foam tags through our extensive testing that has generated accurate results. We make sure our tags produce a precise measurement of the athlete’s race times.

Our R&D team has designed a product that houses a finely tuned antenna with the latest generation chips that offer best in class performance. The antenna is well tuned to counter the detuning effect that is caused when the tag comes in contact with the human body. Though slim in thickness, the tags foam spacer delivers results that are identical to a tag that features a 3mm/4mm foam. Apart from the many advantages the foams thickness offers, some notable ones are the increase in number of tags on a standard roll and decrease in the volume/weight of the consignment thereby considerably reducing freight costs.

With capabilities of custom printing and encoding, these race timing foam tags are supplied in roll form.


  • Marathons
  • Triathlons
  • Races