Dual-Frequency RFID label for non-metal RTI’s and pallets

Non-Metal Returnable Transport Item Tracking Label

Dual Frequency RFID Label to track non metallic returnable transport item.

Re-Load Pro 7320 Duo-Fre is a dual frequency (RAIN and NFC) RFID label designed to accurately identify and track pallets and returnable transport items (RTI’s) such as crates, bins, etc. which are not made of metal, with possibilities of them undergoing repeated washing cycles or exposure to challenging operating environments. The tag contains a strong permanent adhesive backing that offers good bonding with non-metal substrates.

These RFID tags are offered with an EM4425 IC that has dual frequency capabilities of UHF and NFC both integrated in a single chip. The dual frequency feature would be especially needed in supply chains where not all people have UHF/RAIN readers and can then instead tap their NFC phone onto the tag to read it. They are delivered in reel/roll form with customer specific encoding and printing of text, logos, and variable data such as serial numbers, barcodes and QR codes.


  • Returnable Transport Items (RTI’s)
  • Waste Management Bins
  • Supply Chain & Logistics


  • Customer specific encoding of EPC
  • Customised printing of logo, text, barcode etc