Race number Bib with 2 integrated UHF foam transponder

RFID Marathon Bib

Number bib + 2x UHF Foam transponders, with the best quality & highest accuracy levels

SIVA’s Tyvek number bibs are supplied with crisp 4c & variable data printing. The bibs feature punched out holes on all 4 corners for easy application onto the participant. Tear-proof, waterproof, stretch resistant, flexible & durable, the SIVA’s Tyvek number bibs are the most popular choice for any sporting event.

Bibs offered in 2 size options: 152.4 / 228.6mm x 210mm dimensions

2 x RAIN(UHF) passive Foam transponders are attached to the back of the number bib, which sends out a unique signal, enabling the system to identify the athlete/participant and record their respective times.

For events where the highest level of athlete/participant detection accuracy is required, the use of 2 RAIN(UHF) Foam transponders is highly recommended.

Both RAIN(UHF) passive foam transponders come printed & encoded and the Number bibs are supplied with the foam transponders duly applied on the reverse side of the bib, so that the bibs are ready for use, straight out of the box (no assembly required).

This whole offering is designed for one-time use only and can be disposed of after the event or taken home by participants as a souvenir.


  • Marathon and Ultrathons
  • Sprint Races