Ferro-MOM 5316 - All Surface RAIN(UHF) label

RFID IT Asset Tracking Label

Small Sized All Surface RFID Label Ideal for IT and Enterprise Asset Management

SIVA's Ferro-MOM 5316 is a versatile RFID label optimized for all surface functionality and also works well on other surfaces such as plastic, wood, etc. This RFID label can be used to secure various types of IT and enterprise assets.

Offered with a NXP UCODE 9 chip, this label offers good read range and ideal for applications on which the suitable label size is particularly limited. The label is offered with a standard self-adhesive backing that uses a high performance adhesive that offers good bonding with metallic surfaces once mounted.

The label offers hassle free deployment and is designed to be very printer friendly. It can also be attached on curved surfaces like bottles and metallic cylinders without affecting its performance. Delivered in roll form, these labels can be supplied with customer specific encoding and custom printing of logo, text, etc.


  • Indoor Asset Management (IT, Hospitals, Office, etc.)