Rhino HT 2510 - PCB based RAIN(UHF) Hard Tag with a slim profile

Small UHF Tag

Small RFID Tag for Metal Asset Tracking with Slim & Thin Profile

Rhino HT 2510 is a RAIN(UHF) RFID hard tag that has been optimized for applications on metal assets. Its slim profile of 25mm x 10mm with a 2mm thickness proves to be ideal for metal assets that have a very small application area and would preferably need a tag with a thin profile instead of a broader one and also ones that do not require a very long read range, not more than a few meters.

Delivered with an Alien Higgs 3 chip, this tag is made out of PCB, which works well to make the tag durable in a variety of application environments. The tag can be affixed onto the asset using a high-performance permanent adhesive tape provided with the tag as an option or mounted using screws or cable ties.


  • Healthcare
  • Tool Tracking
  • Fire Arms / Weapons