Rhino HT 10534 - Thin & Durable RFID tag for application onto metal, plastic, or wooden RTI assets

Plastic Containers, Pallets and Metal RTI Asset Tracking RFID Tag

RFID Hard Tag designed to track plastic containers, pallets and metal RTI assets.

It features a very thin form factor so that the tag does not protrude much from the surface. Optimized to perform on all kinds of surfaces and ensures excellent read range of up to 10 meters.

RTI assets are exposed to scuffs from abrasion, impact and typical washing cycles with or without the use of chemicals. These assets also suffer from outdoor environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures and it’s with all this in mind, we’ve developed the Rhino HT 10534.

An Ideal tag for waste management bins and other metallic and non-metallic RTI’s.

Supplied as is or with an optional adhesive backing. Can be affixed with rivets/screws.


  • Waste Management Bins
  • Plastic and Metallic RTI’s


  • Self adhesive backing


  • Laser marking
  • Customer specific encoding of EPC