Rhino HT-HTP 4215 – High Temperature resistant RAIN(UHF) RFID tag

High Temperature Resistant RFID Tag

A High Temperature RFID Hard Tag optimized for Metal Substrates

The Rhino HT-HTP 4215 is a high temperature resistant RAIN(UHF) RFID tag ideal for industrial and manufacturing asset tagging applications. The tag comprises of a rugged PTFE encapsulation and is designed to withstand continuous exposure to temperatures of upto 280° C for a period of 50 minutes and upto 250° C for a period of 150 minutes.

This ready to deploy hard tag is optimized for metal substrates and can withstand exposure to moisture and solvents without sacrificing read range performance, making it suitable for deployment in industrial applications where it could be exposed to challenging environmental conditions.

Offered with an Alien Higgs 4 chip, these tags can be mounted on the surface of the asset using pop rivets, screws or a high-performance adhesive tape provided as an option. The tags are offered with customer specific encoding of EPC.


  • Industrial Assets
  • Industrial Manufacturing


  • Customer specific encoding of EPC