Ceramic RAIN (UHF) RFID hard tag for demanding industrial environments

Chemical & Acid Resistance RFID Hard Tag

RFID Hard Tag ideal for High-Temperature & High-Pressure Environments

Rhino HT-CER 2525 is a ceramic hard tag that has been specially designed with a hard-shell ceramic encasing that enables it to withstand high temperatures and high pressure ideally encountered in industrial environments. This tag can be used on different kinds of surfaces but are optimized for use on metal surfaces offering better read range performance. This IP68 rated tag offers resistance to water, dust and commonly used chemicals and acids found in industrial set-ups.

This hard tag equipped with an Alien Higgs 3 chip that offers sustainable RFID read range performance. It can be mounted onto a variety of asset surfaces by either attaching it or embedding it. Customer specific encoding of EPC is also provided for these tags. They can be used for various asset tracking applications in the Medical, IT and Manufacturing industries.


  • Industrial
  • IT
  • Asset Tracking