Durable Ceramic RAIN(UHF) RFID Tag for identification and tracking of assets

Heat Resistance RFID Hard Tag

Heat Resistance RFID Hard Tag for High Temperature Industrial Applications

Rhino HT-CER 139 is a durable ceramic RAIN(UHF) RFID hard tag equipped with an Alien Higgs 3 chip that offers good RFID read range performance for a small size RFID hard tag like this. Used widely to identify and track tools in industrial environments, these tags can also be used to track medical devices and equipment’s as well as IT assets.

The Rhino HT-CER 139 ceramic hard tag works well on different kinds of surfaces, but is tuned for better performance on assets with metal surfaces. The tag also withstands exposure to higher temperatures at longer periods, thereby providing resistance to harsher environments that are most encountered in industrial settings. It can either be attached to or embedded into a variety of assets. Customer specific encoding of EPC is also provided.


  • Industrial
  • Tool Tracking